Compact busbar system

2015-12-31     click:

    How to use electricity safely and save energy and reduce the cost  are the problems that people cares for most. On this basis, Xinghe absorbed the advanced technology of similar products in China and developed XHL-T(L) compact busbar trunking system.All the technical performance standards are better than other same products. Performance has reached the advanced international level, and more easily to adapt to the need of different areas and  environment.


    XHL-T(L) compact busbar adopts sandwich structure in the inner system, the outer adopts aluminum alloy shell  with high strength. The compact busbar is stability, reliability and has advantages of high performance-price rate, good heat dissipation, lowering the voltage withstand and mechanical shock convenient in assembly. It is used in frequency of 50-60 HZ, rated voltage of 400-1000V, rated working current of 100-6300A, three-phase four-wire and three-phase five-wire power supply and distribution system. As a low-cost and efficient power transmission and transformation product used in industrial plant, hospital, shopping mall, tall building and high energy consumption environment. When the ratio of performance and price of catalyst is considered you will find that the whole system carries out the high-efficient distribution.


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