Common Box Enclosed Busbar

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Common Box  Enclosed Busbar


GFM common enclosure insulation rectangle busbar (3-35kV/250A-5000A) is a national generalized energy-saving new product developed and manufactured by our company to meet the market requirement. It is widely used among high voltage distribution boxes, electric lines of electric generator and between the low pressure side of transformer and power distribution cabinet in the power plant, iron and steel company, hydropower station and thermal power station.


Product Features


l  Enclosure: it is made and processed by the high quality non-permeability aluminum alloy plate in totally closed structure with good corrosion resistance and perfect heat dispersion. The non-permeability outer skin can greatly reduce the eddy current heating phenomenon caused by the high-tension current and reduce the case temperature of enclosed busbar, decrease the electric energy loss, alleviate electro-dynamic force and increase the carrying capacity.


l  Conductor is used with rectangle busbar or tubular busbar and copper and aluminum material.




l  Busbar box can joint flexibly because of special design of flange, make the design and installation of the bus system to be  simple, programmatic and standardization.


l  On the upside of each busbar is generally designed with the access hole, through which maintainers can work on any place inside it. With the bending turnup technology and demanding flange mouth overall welding technology of the access hole, the enclosure protection class of the busbar system can reach IP54.


l  With regard to the large current users’ enclosed busbar, ventilating shutters are installed at the bottom and either side of the shell to reinforce heat dissipation and decrease temperature rising.


l  Water draw-offs: it is installed at the bottom of the enclosed busbar to avoid interior ponding.


l  Earthing: earth terminal is installed at the end of each busbar to make ground connection after the busbar is installed completely.



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