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Hubei Xinghe Electric New Material Co., Ltd. (referred to as Xinghe) is the domestic well-known R&D and manufacturing enterprise of electric power conductive materials and power complete sets of equipment. It possesses grade 3 of general contracting for power transmission and transformation projects and installation (maitenance and test) of electric power facilities with grade three qualifications. The company is a high-tech enterprise in Hubei Province, the first company listed on the New Third Board in Huanggang City. The company's stock code is 830988.

  With a registered capital of 90 million yuan and a net asset of nearly 400 million yuan, the company has strong financial strength and covers an area of 350 mu, including 170 mu of the existing factory and 180 mu of the new factory. The new factory is located in the High-tech Industrial Park of Huanggang City. The company has more than 500 employees, including 85 professional and technical personnel, including 20 with senior titles and 50 with intermediate titles. The company has set up a provincial enterprise technology center, which was recognized as "Hubei Green Power New Material Engineering technology Research Center" by Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology in 2017.

 The main business of the company are:

 1. Manufacturing of aluminum alloy tubular busvar, insulated tubular busbar, dense busbar and new energy wind power busbar: Among which, the market share of aluminum alloy tubular busbars and insulated tubular busbars take the first place in the domestic market. Dense busbars are widely used in power distribution main lines and are operating in good condition; new energy wind power busbars have long service life, stable and efficient operation, and maintenance-free.

2. Manufacturing of electric power fittings: using metal mold gravity casting and pressure casting technology for mass production. Among them, substation fittings are seamlessly connected with self-produced tubular busbar and wires in international and domestic substation projects. The supporting advantages are obvious. It has been 1000KV in China. , Widely used in substation engineering of ±800KV, 750KV and below.

3.  Lightning protection grounding materials: 

3.1 Graphite-based flexible grounding material: Using softening process to soften and modify graphite with good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, so that its electrical properties, physical and chemical properties, and mechanical properties meet the requirements of lightning protection grounding technology and process construction. Thoroughly solve the problems of corrosion and unstable grounding resistance of industrial and civil grounding facilities such as transmission line towers, substations, power plants, communication base stations, railways, ports, oil and gas facilities, buildings, etc., and have obvious advantages in areas with high corrosion and high resistivity , and have good economic and social benefits.

3.2  Non-metal grounding module: It is a grounding body mainly made of conductive non-metal materials. It is a special product used to reduce grounding resistance. It is suitable for various types of soil environments. It has high resistance reduction efficiency, stable grounding resistance, and reduced Ground potential counterattack, long service life, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, convenient construction and installation, etc., widely used in lightning protection grounding, safety protective grounding, AC working grounding, DC working grounding, anti-static grounding, shielding grounding and other special grounding .

3.3 Copper-clad steel ground rod, flat steel, round wire, copper-clad steel stranded wire and other grounding materials. High-quality steel is selected and electroplating process is used to uniformly cover the surface of the steel core with high-purity electrolytic copper, to achieve a permanent and firm bond between the copper layer and the steel core, and to give full play to the good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and corrosion resistance of the copper material. The characteristics of low resistivity, etc., which is the best choice to replace traditional galvanized materials.

3.4 Pure copper products: copper bar, hard copper stranded wire, tinned copper stranded wire and other grounding materials. It is the first choice for 220KV, 500KV, 750KV, 800KV, 1000KV and other substations. The installation of this product is connected by exothermic welding and construction method is simple and flexible. It can minimize the construction cost, ensure the overall leakage effect of the grounding grid, and play a good role in lightning protection and current flow. 

4.        Manufacturing of complete sets of power switchgear: The main products are prefabricated substations, factory prefabricated modular substations and they support high and low voltage switchgears. According to the development trend of the State Grid, the company is gradually moving to product integration, modularization, intelligence, and factory prefabrication. The new products introduced by simplified installation which represent the development trend of substations.

5.      Electrical engineering installation services: Hubei Xinghe Anyuan Electric Engineering Co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, has the second-level qualification for professional contracting of power transmission and transformation projects and the third-level qualification for installation (repair and trial) of power facilities. It can provide general contracting or professional subcontracting services for power transmission and transformation projects and new housing distribution projects of 110KV and below.

Xinghetrademark is a famous brand in Hubei Province. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS occupational health and safety management system certification and Hubei energy conservation product certification. The company has 3 invention patents, 36 utility model patents and 19 non-patent core technologies. It has completed the drafting and formulation work for one national standard "aluminum and aluminum alloy tubular conductors" and 2 industry standards "solid insulated tubular bus bars of 35kV and below" and “the use of copper busbars on the low-voltage side of transformers”.  It has so far completed the completion of two project for National Torch Plan, one project for the National Innovation Fund, 2 project for the National Key New Product, and one project for the Hubei Provincial Key New Product, and has been award  the first, the second and the third of each “prize for HuangGang City science and technology progress”, three times of “the major scientific and technological achievements in Hubei Province”, and the third prize for “scientific and technological progress in Hubei Province”. The company has successively won the titles of Outstanding Enterprises in Hubei Province, Harmonious Labor Relations in Hubei Province, Enterprises Honoring Contracts and Credit in Hubei Province, the Best Hundred Taxpayers in the Province, and China's Most Independent Innovative Capacity Enterprise.

 The company is in an industry that the country encourages and supports. The products are in line with the environment-friendly and resource-saving two-type social requirements. The varieties are complete and the comprehensive supporting ability is strong, it is in the leading position of same industry. The products are widely used in ±1100kV DC, 1000kV AC, ±800kV UHV power transmission and transformation projects and 750kV and below substation projects of power grid companies; the tubular busbars, insulated busbars, fittings and wires are also directly and indirectly exported to France, South Korea, Mexico, India, Ethiopia, Brazil, Morocco, Angola, Pakistan, Nigeria and more than 10 countries and regionas . Looking forward to the future, under the leadership of Chairman Zhou Jinping, all cadres and employees of the company will continue to carry forward the corporate spirit of "integrity, teamwork, innovation, and responsibility", make full use of the capital market power and the opportunity of the rise of central Hubei, and give play to the "uniqueness". The company will vigorously develop intelligent integrated electrical equipment, integrated intelligent pre-installed substations, and actively contract photovoltaic power stations, wind power stations, and power distribution networks for new residential communities on the basis of consolidating power equipment manufacturing business such as power buses. The construction business of engineering projects strives to achieve the corporate strategic goal of manufacturing and serving high-end intelligent power equipment!


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