About Us

Company has been committed to power new energy research and development, manufacture, sales and service of conductive materials, through continuous development of high voltage, medium voltage and low voltage bus series products, rapidly improve the company's intelligent manufacturing level, keep the leading position of a company in the industry, the company's products are widely used in the power grid of hair, transmission and substation project, and quickly to the metallurgical, petrochemical, new energy, large capacity utilization of urban rail transportation industry.
The first stage -- Entrepreneurial Stage (2003.1 -- 2005.12)
After the establishment of the company, the scientific research force was organized to vigorously develop aluminum and aluminum alloy tube busbar products. After being put into production, the company took the lead to replace the imported products of the same type from abroad, which greatly reduced the construction cost of domestic electricity consumption enterprises and was widely used in major substations of domestic power grid enterprises. The seamless rare-earth aluminum alloy tube busbar produced by rolling and drawing process has a high market share in the market segment.
The second Stage -- Business Growth Stage (January, 2006 -- December, 2010)
Is committed to become a new energy saving domestic electricity conductive material in manufacturing industry leading enterprises, the company research and development department all-round tracking research fields of power transmission and transformation of various conductive material situation and future trend of developing composite shielding copper (aluminum) tubular busbar insulation, special wire and connection protection hardware and other new products, the company's rapid growth of production and operation business, for three consecutive years maintained a more than 40% growth rate, the energy conservation and conductive material in manufacturing industry leading position.
The third stage -- Rapid Development Stage (2011, January-2014.12)
With the rapid development of the enterprise, the company's business has formed a rare earth aluminum alloy tube bus, composite shielded insulation tube bus, special wire as the leading products, electric power fittings, closed bus as supporting products of the production and management pattern, to achieve rapid development of business. The company's leading products, such as aluminum tube busbar, have been widely used in national UHV engineering. In order to further improve the service ability and level of customers, the company for large enterprises to provide each big foreign trade company substation conductive material design, type selection and manufacture of integrated personalized service, for our country's strategy of "area" all the way to play the role of the application, the company's products are directly exported to South Korea, Vietnam, Pakistan and other countries.
The fourth Stage -- Transformation and Upgrading (January 2015-present)
In order to achieve the upgrading of traditional products, and constantly improve the company's products, the company invested the period stock electric power equipment industrial park, 2025 are made in China under the background of development strategy, the company constantly develop high technical content, stable and reliable, all sorts of new special bus, cooperation with scientific research units research and development of optical fiber distributed temperature detection system, greatly improve the intelligence, information service level of the company's products, has realized to the intelligent, environmental protection and energy saving of the transformation of new electric material solutions for service providers.