Gansu Qiaowan 750KV Substation Project (Electric Power Fittings)
Date:2020-06-11 10:04:09 | Visits:

            In July 2015, our company supplied aluminum alloy tubular bus and transformer fittings in Gansu Qiaowan 750 kV substation project. The project adopts the deflection solution of long-span suspension pipe bus.
          Qiaowan 750 kV Substation has been awarded with the second prize of 2016 Excellent Engineering Design in the electric power industry, the first prize of 2017 Excellent Engineering Survey and Design in Gansu Province, the second prize of 2017 Excellent Engineering Design in transmission and Transformation Project of State Grid Corporation of China, the first batch of National Excellent Engineering Award in 2018-2019, national Excellent Investment Project Award in 2018-2019 and other awards.
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