The construction of Xinghe Share Park has entered a new stage
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           Xinghe Shares Electric Power Equipment Industrial Park is located in huanggang Industrial Park, National Huanggang High-tech Development Zone. The park covers an area of 195 mu. Construction of the park started in April 2015, with a total investment of 500 million yuan and divided into three phases. The first phase of Xinghe Complete electric power equipment project was completed in June 2016. Two standardized workshops were built, covering an area of 29,000 square meters. The project mainly produces environment-friendly complete electric power equipment and insulated busbars. The second phase is Xinghe cable project, started in April 2017, and completed two standardized workshops with a construction area of 38,000 square meters by the end of 2018. It mainly produces new heat-resistant expanding wire and aluminum alloy wire and cable. The third phase is xinghe Hi-tech Superconducting Material Project, which is planned to start construction in 2020 and cover an area of 30,000 square meters, mainly including a comprehensive office building, a production line of rare earth superconducting alloy materials, an UHV electric power fittings production line and an electric power test research institute. After the completion of the park, it will realize output value of 1 billion yuan and profits and taxes of 100 million yuan.
           At present, the underground construction of the office building has been completed, ready to reverse the ground hardening, the first floor construction. Pile foundation of metal tools workshop has been completed, civil construction is ready to enter the site, pile foundation of comprehensive workshop has been completed 1/5, the office building is expected to be completed on December 1st (excluding internal decoration), and the factory building is expected to be completed on January 1st.


Preparation office staff and discussing drawings

Sun always arranges the work


The construction company will report the work at the meeting

The construction site


The construction site

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