Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Tubular Busbar

Aluminum Alloy Tubular Busbar

The company adopts the new materials of high performance rare earth aluminum alloy and heat resistant aluminum alloy developed by ourselves, and makes the hollow seamless tubular conductor (bus) through the special processing techniques such as horizontal hot top casting, transverse perforation hot rolling, deformation heat treatment and cold drawing. Among them, the company's latest development of 6Z63 (6063-ZR) high strength heat-resistant aluminum alloy tube bus won the hubei Province major scientific and technological achievements, hubei Province scientific and technological progress third prize. With the addition of rare earth and rare metal zirconium, the 6Z63 (6063-ZR) high strength heat-resistant aluminum alloy tubular bus provides safe operation at higher operating temperatures (150°C-200°C) in addition to the advantages of conventional tube bus.

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