Changji - Guquan ±1100 kV HVDC power transmission project
Date:2020-06-01 14:12:19 | Visits:

        Changji - Guquan ±1100 kv UHV DC power transmission project is the second UHV power transmission project implemented in Xinjiang. The construction of this project is of great significance for Xinjiang to build "the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt", transform the energy development mode, and promote the participation of coal, wind energy, solar energy and other clean energy in the nationwide allocation. This power superproject has four "world's best" : the highest voltage level, the largest transmission capacity, the longest transmission distance and the most advanced technology level. In September 2016, our company won the bid for the tubular bus products of changji (starting station) - Guquan (stop station) ±1100 kV converter station project. In September 2018, all the tubular bus products have been supplied and are in good condition.

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